The Hakuin Publishing Company was founded in the year 2009.
It's the result of the collaboration between artists from Berlin (GER),
Hamburg (GER), London (UK) and Zurich (SUI). The company was
founded in order to publish independently the collective's and it's
friends self-determined own ideas in limited edition art books.

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Alex Schauwecker, Fight Club
88 Pages, 18.5 x 26 cm
Hardcover, Offset print
Edition of 200
ISBN: 978-3-9524139-1-3

The book is a documentation about the Zurich graffiti movement and the Zurich city development. While the city is growing fast ('gentrification') the space for graffiti is getting less - how are the protagonists reacting to that?
'Fight Club' contains interviews with active Zurich sprayers and a photo reportage about the topic (language: German).

Price: 30 SFR


Alex Schauwecker, Over the rainbow
98 pages, 18.5 x 26 cm, Offset print
Edition of 500
Printed in Lithuania 2013
ISBN 978-3-9523730-7-1

Alex’s Schauweckers book over the rainbow, focusing on photography. A mix between dreamy girls and dark nights tagging in Zurich.

Price: 30 SFR


Gian Paul Lozza, Homeland
64 pages, 17 x 23 cm, Offset print
Edition of 500
Numbered & Signed
Designed by Marc Kappeler
Printed in Switzerland 2014
ISBN: 978-3 9524139-5-1

The photographer portrays a group at a moment rich with possibilities. Young men, who have dreams and hopes yet to be realised. The empty skatepark is a darkened stage that waits to be filled by a cast of men as they pass through a formative phase of their lives.

Price: 55 SFR   (limited stock)

Book + Limited Print 1 of 10, 24x30cm: 120 SFR


Julie Petter, Evolver
72pages, 25 x 36 cm, offset print
Edition of 200
Printed in Switzerland 2013
ISBN: 978-3-9524139-3-7

The book is about the evolution of Earth. From the formation 4.6 billion years ago to the future, a geological timeline shows the major events that had direct consequences on the landscape and life on Earth. An illustrated animal comes to life within this frame, adapting throughout the various events and periods of time. Evolution hasn't stopped. New species will emerge, continents will drift, new mass extinctions will occur, leaving Earth to the power of nature.

Price: 50 SFR


Marcus Kraft, Money for nothing
208 pages, 24x17cm, offset print
Limited edition of 300, numbered & signed
Designed by Studio Marcus Kraft
Printed in Lithuania 2015
ISBN: 978-3-9524139-8-2

‹Money for Nothing› is a self-initiated project from the Art Director and Designer Marcus Kraft. He occupied himself with the question of the value of money. Exactly one hundred one dollar bills were ‹destroyed› with artistic interventions and are unusable now for daily payments. Each note got treated in a different manner. The book got released with the exhibition of the same title – some of the original artworks are available for sale.

Price: 50 SFR


Randy Tischler & Rainer Brenner,
Paradise Tea
2x 56pages, 20.5 x 29.5 cm, Offset print
Edition of 500
Designed by Raffinerie
Printed in Lithuania 2012
ISBN 978-3-9523730-6-4

Over the time of four years of work photographer Daniel Tischler and writer Rainer Brenner made the 'Querschläger' Series which was published in Lifestyle Magazine Kinki. The series is a rather special collection of private house visits from folk singers, to pornstars, to Swiss celebrities, and so on. A very unconventional art book including a short interview in German from these outstanding personalities. The book 'Paradise Tea' is the limited collection of the best portraits they created during these four years.

Price: 40 SFR


Randy Tischler, In search of New Palm Trees
56 pages
Edition of 50
Designed by Angelina Zehnder
Printed in Switzerland 2013

As processes are accelerated every day and ideas and works often just float as loose sketches across the room; as the world seems to spin faster and faster, I have decided to dedicate my work to the subject of closeness. I`m looking for intimacy, for access and connections to the known and unknown, even if it`s only for a brief moment.

Price: 25 SFR   (limited stock)


Veronika Suter, The Playground
44 pages, 26 x 20 cm, Offset print
Edition of 1000
Printed in Switzerland 2012
ISBN: 978-3-9523730-4-0

Veronika Suter is a glass artist who works mainly in casting and in fused glass. She is combining in a unique distictive technical style, glass with steel and copper to sculptures.
The Playground is a selection from a decades of work!

Price: 25 SFR


Yves Suter, From Russia with love
68 pages, 26.6 x 18.5 cm, Offset print
Limited & Numbered Edition of 200
Printed in Lithuania 2013
ISBN: 978-3-9524139-0-6

This book showcases a selection of pictures that mainly focus on the vibrant life of young Russians in the major cities. With his simple and quiet style he just used a little point and shot camera to document the moments he experienced during his frequent visits. A rather mysterious view merged in a all black and white book. A book that shows the Russia of now, with all it's dreams and hopes, like everywhere else. A book full of love!

Price: 30 SFR

(Note: Each book comes with a free poster)

Yves Suter, Into the great white
216 pages, 22 x 30 cm, Offset print
Limited edition of 300
Designed by BüroNord
Printed in Switzerland 2013
ISBN: 978-3-9524139-9-9

"Into the great white" is a photographic documentation about snowboarding. Focussing not on the action side of snowboarding, but instead on the distinctive moments and the environment of snowboarding, especially the nature and people, as well as exploring and traveling the mountains of the world.
The book showcases a selection of his most intimate and best pictures he took between 2003 and 2013.

Price: 99 SFR   (limited stock)


Yves Suter, Motoracer
192 Pages, 21 x 30cm, Offset print
Limited edition of 333, Numbered
Designed by Wessinger & Peng
Printed in Germany 2015
ISBN: 978-3-9524139-6-8

Another explosion might have ignited the rear section and fired the whole capsule straight into the mid-zone, which caused serious concerns by ground denf.: inferred ressources, controversal medical consequences (i.e. endocrine disorders/ augmented cognitive abdolnis/ collateral neuro- cutaneous syndromes), promercurated strucures and implented indications of strong energy loss in the nautical sections sections IV and V will come up for discussion by the time this precarious situation has been investigated by HIBO-forces and the intracommute eyelet (ine).

Price: 66 SFR


Yves Suter, Paper of Walls
136 pages, 10 x 16 cm, Offset print
Edition of 500
Printed in Switzerland 2012
ISBN: 978-3-9523730-5-7

Growing up in a small mountain village in the alps, the Swiss artist Yves Suter is fascinated by cities, their construction and their complexity. To him, with an outsider‘s point of view, cities are not only the refuge of the creativity and chaos of modern times, but also a place where the tension and energy of humankind expresses itself to the fullest! An art exhibition in public space if you want.
By showing a selection of pictures from two of his favorite cities, New York and Tokyo, he gives a personal view and documents the present urban structures, art and architecture of both cities.

Price: 30 SFR


Yves Suter, Strawberry Snow
160 pages, 16.5 x 23.5 cm, Offset print
Limited Edition of 300
Printed in Switzerland 2011
ISBN: 978-3-9523730-3-3

This photographic documentary accompanies the two swiss, photographer Yves Suter and snowboarder Dominik Betschart, on a one month snowboard journey through Japan. During a travel from central Japan to the north island of Hokkaido and back.
The book is a journal consisting of stories they have experienced and pictures documenting their journey.

Price: 69 SFR   (limited stock)



Jonas Landolt, Paradiso
28pages, 21 x 14.5 cm, digital print
Edition of 200, numbered
Designed by Wessinger & Peng
Printed in Germany 2015

In collaboration with gallery WessingerundPeng created this zine is about Paradiso, a district of the city Lugano in the southern Swiss Alps. It's a zine about the density of urban Swiss cityscapes. If you understand Paradiso you will understand Switzerland.

Price: 6 SFR


Rainer Brenner, Permaderm
24pages, 21 x 14.5 cm, digital print
Edition of 10, numbered & signed
Designed by Wessinger & Peng
Printed in Germany 2015

Zurich based writer Rainer Brenner studied the course of his skin disease in a photo series and tried to reflect about its mysterious character by combining the photos with pictures from the internet and a short poem. 

Price: 6 SFR



Hakuin Airlines, Issue #1 (Spring 2014)
88 pages, 21 x 30 cm, Offset print
Edition of 500
Language: German

Hakuin Airlines is an art magazine. The debut Issue is about youth culture and city development.

Contributors of this issue are Alex Schauwecker, Bettina Gugger, Boris Hoppek, Emanuel Roth, HGB Fideljus, Rainer Brenner, Rémi Jaccard, Sergej Vutuc, Nicolas Büchi, Nicola Fischer, Stefanie Hille and Yves Suter.

Sold out.

Hakuin Airlines, Issue #2 (Fall 2014)
80 pages, 21 x 30 cm, Offset print
Edition of 500
Language: German & English

Hakuin Airlines is an art magazine. The second Issue is about nature-culture.

Contributors of this issue are Bettina Gugger, Dr. Anomalie, Eric Andersen, Jonas Oswald, Joëlle Laederach, Katharina Lang, Karin Wüthrich, Kuma, Lea-Maria, MADC, Nicola Fischer and Pierre Kellenberger.

Price: 14 SFR



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produced polar bear 'Logo' Shirt,
Size M & L & XL (slim fit).
Made in Poland

Price: 30 SFR

Hakuin Verlag 'Logo' Shirt, Size M & L
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2015, Fun shapes, Randy Tischler (coming Nov. 2015)
2015, Money for nothing, Marcus Kraft
2015, Permaderm, Rainer Brenner
2015, Paradiso, Jonas Landolt
2015, Motoracer, Yves Suter
2014, Homeland, Gian Paul Lozza
2013, Into the great white, Yves Suter
2013, Fight Club, Alex Schauwecker
2013, In search of new palm trees, Randy Tischler
2013, Evolver, Julie Petter
2013, Over the rainbow, Alex Schauwecker
2013, From Russia with love, Yves Suter
2013, Block, Mario Niederberger
2013, Wind of change, Thomas Stöckli
2012, 10 Years, Safari
2012, Paper of Walls, Yves Suter
2012, Paradise Tea, Randy Tischler & Rainer Brenner
2012, Ghosts before breakfast, Alex Schauwecker
2012, The Playground, Veronika Suter
2011, Strawberry Snow, Yves Suter
2010, Immer nie am Meer, Yves Suter
2010, Unknown Japan, Jonas Oswald
2009, Hamburg is not a meal, Yves Suter
2009, Durch die Nacht, Jens Kaesemann
2009, Between cat and wolf, Alex Schauwecker

2015, Wild Turtles, Lugano - SUI
2015, The Room, Yves Suter, Zurich - SUI
2010, Child of mother nature, Whaleforce Collective, Tokyo/Kyoto - JP

2016, Hakuin Airlines Issue #3 (coming Spring 2016)
2014, Hakuin Airlines Issue #2
2014, Hakuin Airlines Issue #1

-  2015, Volumes zine & art book fair, Walcheturm, Zurich - SUI
-  2015, Tokyo Art Book Fair, Tohoku University Gaien Campus, Tokyo - JP
-  2015, Nuit des Images, Musée de L'Elysée, Lausanne - SUI
-  2015, I never read art book fair, Art Basel, Basel - SUI
-  2015, Fumetto, comic festival, Lucerne - SUI
-  2014, Volumes zine & art book fair, La Perla Moda, Zurich - SUI
-  2014, Tokyo Art Book Fair, Tohoku University Gaien Campus, Tokyo - JP
-  2014, Nuit des Images, Musée de L'Elysée, Lausanne - SUI
-  2014, I never read art book fair, Art Basel, Basel - SUI
-  2014, Dezember Bücher, Kunsthaus, Zurich - SUI
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-  2013, New York Art Book Fair, PS1 MOMA, New York - USA
-  2013, Tokyo Art Book Fair, Tohoku University Gaien Campus, Tokyo - JP
-  2013, I never read, art book fair, Art Basel, Basel - SUI
-  2012, About, independent publishing fair, Gutenberg Museum, Mainz - GER
-  2010, Zine Sezession, Perla Moda, Zurich - SUI

-  Independent Photobook Library Washington DC - USA
-  Kunsthaus Zurich Library - SUI
-  The Museum of Modern Art New York - USA
-  The Swiss National Library - SUI
-  The German National Library - GER
-  Zentralbibliothek Stadt Zürich - SUI